Greetings our appreciated blogs reader. I came back with another, I would say the most interesting and important topic how to form your company in Poland. In this article, I will describe the general climate for business opportunities for foreigners who would like to form their own any kind of businesses permitted by the legislation of Poland. Moreover, I will mention steps for company formation in Poland, recommendations, Poland taxation system, costs for business registration in Poland and briefly outline economic overview.Besides, our team of professionals offer our best-organized consulting work so called “paper work”, pre-registration and after formation help service remotely or directly and what’s important ask the questions most of the times asked by you.  If you are looking for forming an EU LLC you are on a right place. Contact us to get your reasonable company formation agent.

Reasons why you should open a company in Poland

open a company in poland

As may you know , Poland is amongst the developed Central-Eastern Europe Countries, by its business climate it attracts great amount of investors and investments in country. Key investment areas consist of the following things: manufacturing, textiles, chemicals, food producing,technical and scientifically activities, retail trade, automobile sector and today’s advanced topic real estate market .Besides, economic situation is quite attractive as here is the lowest inflation rate 3.16 % fixed in the near past. So the advantages are many , and I would like to count it down for you. Why you should start a business in Poland?

  • The first advantage is in strategic geographical locations , Poland has border with its 7 neighbor countries.Among them the worlds most developed countries e.g Germany 
  • The second advantage as we mentioned inflation lowest rate, hereby we should mention about stabilized banking sector and stable currency
  • Well-educated professionals in the region
  • Constantly growing economy
  • Minimum labor wage fixed in the last years about 500 EURO
  • Very strong domestic market 

Legal forms for Business Formation in Poland

There are several legal forms of business activities in EU. Before you move with business formation make sure you take look at below info. the types of businesses given you below is the main amongst various types allowed by the countries authorities:

The mostly registered and required business form by the investors, because of no restrictions on the foreign shareholders. Take this note that Minimum shares capital is 5000 pln  and the number of director is one. this kind of business form  is recommended for those individuals who would like to turn into a business that will have a relatively less number of shareholders.  The company also needs to be registered for VAT purposes in the appropriate authorities. Most of our clients prefer forming an llc. Contact us if you are looking for fast and efficient LLC formation service. Our Formation Agents have helped many foreigners to setup their business in Poland and we will happily share our experience in order to deliver fastest and convenient results for you.

This kind of business is created for those individuals whose are lover of simplicity. for this business form no Minimum capital is  required. They must register for VAT in Poland. I can say that advantages are many – costs for launching is low and formation activity is also simple. But take this note that it can be risky because your liability for the  obligations of the business is unlimited. this kind of business are for only those who meets the following criteria:

  • citizen of European union
  • has short-term or long term residence permit
  • has valid Poland card

This kind of business is for those individuals who would like to have larg enterprises. for example, banks, insurance companies and many other such institutions. look out! Shareholders aren’t responsible for company’s obligations, but also on risk  of capital contributed and profits. Also, the minimum share capital to form is 100,000 pln.  The founder can be one or more entities . Hereby, take this note that EU countries citizens can establish and conduct a company according to the same rules as polish citizens do. 

If you would like to launch a business with a partner, mostly suitable and recommended form is a civil law partnership. consistence of two partners and There is no  minimum value of share capital required , by the way. take note that If the partners are natural persons, they are subject to registration in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity.  

Steps for company formation in Poland

open a company in poland

As we discussed the main company types of doing business in Poland and If you made interested in, let me know you some major steps you’re gonna expect while your company formation:

  1. Firstly, what you need to do is to pick on what type of business you’re gonna do. choose a company type, From what we mentioned above.
  2. Then you’re required to establish your company’s name.Here, any business is prompted to have an original name.Of course, designation of the legal form with the company name is required.
  3. the following step is to choose the best place for your business. At the beginning you’re recommended to take advantage with virtual-office, as its low costs for you.
  4. Afterwards, it’s time for registration in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register.
  5. After registration you’re gonna meet taxation purposes
  6. And if at least you don’t think that you can do all this steps alone, you’re welcome, our team of professionals is ready to offer our best consulting service ( for further you can see below).

Opening a bank account in Poland

company formation in poland

We have to admit that business subject who wants to operate her/his/their business in Poland must have an account at one of the Polish Banks. As it’s for capital companies, opening a bank account might be your following step after signing in The Articles of Association. For partnerships- which is type of a company in Poland,opening a bank account is possible after the company’s signing in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register.

What about requested documentations –  they are a passport or ID card (in case you’re EU citizen, an ID card is enough).

As our experience dictates, many investor oncoming in Poland find some obstacles in front of them while opening a bank account, because of complicated formalities despite documentations in English language.But this is not verdict, here we are, we do offer also our service and will conduct all the formal procedure.

Expenditures followed during company registration

starting a business in poland
  1. Fee for company establishment –for the registration in the National Court Register.
  2. the minimum share capital – which is required for a private limited liability company in Poland costs around 5,000 PLN (nearly 1164 euros).
  3. If you wander our service package costs, you can contact through the website contact zone and find out about it. 

Taxation regime for companies in Poland

setting up a company in Poland
The main and widely-spread taxes subjected to the business entities in Poland are the following :
  • corporate income tax 
  • value added tax
  • stamp tax
  • real estate tax
  • excise duty tax
Taxation regime is as same for foreigners as it’s for locals. Polish corporate income tax rate is – 19% . A lower corporate tax rate of 15% can be applied for small companies in Poland. 
Both category – employers and employees are prompted to make social security contributions, up to a certain percentage of the salary (it’s nearly 35%). 


  • Is foreigner permitted to establish a company in Poland? Poland welcomes to foreign investors and encourages incoming investments in country every time.
  • What is the most common company type in Poland? the most widely chosen company type by investors is LLC Limited Liability Company. suitable for micro and larger companies.
  • What is minimum share capital for LLC? 5 000 pln nearly equivalent to 1 200 EURO
  • Minimum shareholder number in LLC? in LLC it’s one
  • Is company obliged to have office in Poland? yes, but you can take advantage with virtual office, of course.
  • What time does opening company require in Poland?  procedure can last nearly 30 days.

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