Legal Address For Starting a business in Poland
opening business in Poland

Legal Address For Starting a business in Poland

   Do you consider moving to Poland, maybe for start business activities ? Any foreigner is welcome to start a business in Poland. There is no restriction on foreigners for Business Formation in Poland. Firstly, you’re welcome, because of your great choice. So, In this article I’m gonna present you advantages and disadvantages on the way to finding legal address in Poland.I will answer frequently asked questions regarding relocating in Poland. As we offer our full package of service , there is no confusing things for your case.You can get to know what we offer and then decide is it worth to do all this things alone or find great support. To know in details, what are the requirements for creating business in Poland you can read this article and in case of interest fill the simplest form in the end of article to get in touch with us.

Can you start business in Poland on your own as a foreigners?

Well, It would be rough task for you. I mean nothing is impossible in this world, if you have time and will you can do anything, remember this! However, for non Polish Speaker it might be hard for you to create Polish Company on your own for several simple reasons: 

  • It is simple when you regularly do It but for the first time there is still little but many interrelated tasks that you need to take into account. With company creation in Poland every letter matters for Government Authorities.
  • Are you sure you are able to Create Legal Document in Polish? In Poland, as far as you know national Language is Polish, so official documentation must be in Polish. Other than knowing Polish Language you need to know Polish Legislation to create charters of association for your Polish Company.
  • Legal Address is Required to start a Polish Company. To Register your business in entrepreneurial registry you need to prove address for your Polish Company. This can be rent agreement or agreement from the landlord
  • Finally, as soon as your company is established in Poland there is few other registrations needed. Such as registering with tax Authority, requesting different taxation benefits if applied.
  • For non-Polish Speakers it is required that the official translator accompanies you in the company registry authority.
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Legal Address for your Polish Company

 I have had some clients who were assured that they could do all above mentioned themselves and they just needed legal address for their Polish Company, since until they would start operation or business activities they wanted to save money on renting a place and they succeed. 

     As we offer you full package company establishment Services in Poland which includes before and after company establishment support we can also provide specific service only.  With our full package service, our client:

  • Simply needs half an hour to sign some documents and we take care of literally everything.
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Benefit of Full Package Suppoert Establishing an LLC in Poland

For some reason we do prefer to provide full package support to our clients. When they decide to do most of the tasks by themselves  and we just provide some service from above mentioned services practice shows that clients are most satisfied and that’s our mail aim.   We can setup all the required setting for them, so they simply concentrate on their operational side.

Whilst, when client request one single service, lots of questions are arisen their way to start operations. We usually have  to make new deals, new agreements and It takes lots of time, more money. Since these are all the essential steps which you need to undertake for sure if you want to operate your company in Poland. However, that’s not a problem either. If you feel like you have time to handle most of things on your own and you are open to learn we can help you and provide short term smaller supports, let’s say.

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The cost of address to register the company, it’s only one payment or annual fee?

  • We do provide permanent legal address, no renewal is required.
  • You can change it if you want. When you want.
  • You can have factual address and legal address different.
  • Is it easy to change legal address? yes! It is
  • Legal address and Virtual Office is two different things/

What does Virtual Office Service Mean?

Our Virtual office plan is our most popular product and is ideal for those in need of a professional presence that includes a business address and comprehensive phone service.

What Does Virtual Office Service Include?

company formation in Poland

Basic Package 

  • Business Address
  • Mail Handling
  • Telephone Answering

 Additional features upon request: Per Agreement

  • Access to the Office
  • Secretary Service – Researching Georgian Market, Get necessary Information,  vendor and customer communication.

Get your Assistant to Start Business in Poland​

As a conclusion, If you are considering starting a company in Poland and you are stuck at some point feel free to contact us by filling out this simple form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. It is indeed very easy to start business here.  Simply let us know what are your requirements.

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