Offshore Company Formation in Poland
setup offshore company in Poland

Offshore Company Formation in Poland

Hello our appreciated page reader, today we’re gonna be talking on important topic about Investment opportunities and the best remote company formation service in Poland . we will mention main types of companies in Poland to register your online business here. Besides, we’re gonna be talking about some KEYFACTS you should know before registering your company in Poland. We also consider that hiring staff, regulatory environment, financial incentives, opening Business bank account in Poland are important matters to take into account, so have a look at the following article and find your Limited Liability company registration agent service in Poland,  here, with us…

Investment opportunities and the best remote company formation service in Poland

Nowadays, company formation in Poland became very common topic for most of the investors interested in opening offshore companies in EU zone. The reason, why Poland is the best country to set up limited liability  company is because it provides your access to  the new markets and reduced minimal costs, as well. As may you know in 2004 Poland entered in EU and since this year continuous to be firmly leader politically or even economically. Poland is a place to one of the largest markets in Central Europe. The most recent survey by OECD in 2019 showed that the Polish economy increased by 4.2% , described as one of the best indicator which characterize the development economy. 

Numerous entrepreneurs join their companies in Poland to secure highly profitable partnerships and contracts. The business climate is quite attractive in Poland for investors, there are many business opportunities foreigner can take advantage with. Most of the investors choose to buy remote company with bank account, for instance, Franchise opportunities are commonly keen on in PolandTaxation system in Poland and tax Incentives for registering company in special economic zones in Poland creates best business surroundings inside country. Besides another advantage for investment is cost of living in Poland, It is way cheaper than in other central European countries. In order to form an online company in Poland you need to proceed some simple procedures, but the paperwork to open offshore company is boring process for many people and we are glad to assist you in this case, we provide our best consultation service which will organize your remote business registration in Poland by our company formation agents in Poland.

Foreign investment is coming in encourages native production within country. Currently Poland is being one of the largest producers of generic pharmaceutical products and medical devices in Europe. Investment in information and communication technology will only increase by 15% in 2019, and the renewable energy sector will expand, as well as the demand for engineering expertise.

Main Types of Companies in Poland

As may you have read our another article about company formation in Poland, you may also know that there are 4 main types of companies in Poland and you can check up about their features in the description for each of them. Most of the time who would like to set up an offshore companies have to find legal address in Poland for their businesses what somehow represents a problem for them, we can also help you with this matter even offer after company formation service support in Poland

offshore company incorporation services in poland
  1. the most favourable structure for small and middle-sized entities
  2. Minimum share capital required is 5000 zlotys equivalent to  €1200
  3. numbers of directors minimum required is one
  4. almost no restrictions on foreign shareholders
  5. Annual accounts to be prepared and held at company offices
  1. great structure for large companies willing to raise public capital
  2. Minimum amount of share capital is 100,000 zlotys (equivalent to €24,000)
  3. A two-story system that includes the Governing and Supervisory Board
  4. Minimum 8% of the annual profit of the reserve fund (maximum one third of the share capital)
  5. Annual reports and independent audit are required
  1. Registered Partnership 
  2. Limited partnership 
  3. Professional partnership 
  4. Limited Joint Stock Company 
  1. easy and less regulatory for business entities
  2. acceptible structure for small businesses
  3. Has unlimited liability for all liabilities and debts
  4. Profits are subordinated to Polish income tax at individual rates

Step by step - KEYFACTS you should know before registering an online company in Poland

offshore company formation made simple in Poland

Is it simple to hire staff in Poland?

In parallel with the strong economic growth of the last few years, unemployment in Poland has decreased and the unemployment rate is at least 8.2%. Although some of the clearest brains in this country have been tempted to go west, benefiting from EU membership, Poland has a large and educated workforce. 

What about regulatory environment in Poland?

The tough bureaucracy of the communist era has long since disappeared, and now Poland has one of the most liberal economic regimes in Central Europe. In 2004, corporate income tax was reduced from 27% to 19%, reflecting the government’s desire to ease the pressure on companies and further invest in job creation. Capital and profit can return freely. However, legal and accounting regulations are complex and require the help of local experts. We can help you with this, so please contact us.

Financial incentives for investing in Poland

Poland offers a wide range of financial incentives for foreign investors, including grants of up to 25% to companies based in Poland, which account for 50% in special economic zones, which are further stimulated by EU-funded schemes.

Opening Business Bank Account in Poland

Poland is emerging as an important regional center for the international banking community, with major financial institutions being in Warsaw. Local banks can also compete with strong and efficient foreign investors, but opening a bank account in Poland requires specialist advice, and you are welcome, we can also help you with this matter.

More information about registering company in Poland

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