Franchise Opportunities to start a Business in Poland
starting a business in poland

Franchise Opportunities to start a Business in Poland

I would like to introduce you another interesting topic related to starting a business in Poland, and namely, I’m gonna introduce Franchise business opportunities today in Poland. there might be people who haven’t heard about franchising and let’s define that a franchise is a kind of business whereby a business holder licenses the rights to operate a particular company, along with its products, branding, and knowledge, for a fee. As it’s popular for many people to buy Franchise company, I will be listing the most popular ones in Poland with their financial and general information. Lastly, If you still can’t decide which of them to choose, find our contact information and get in touch with us sooner we will assist you to choose the best one for you. This blog must be interesting if you aim to start business in Poland.

Option 1: iKids U

Information about finances :

  • Franchise fee – $40,500
  • Whole investment – $87,150 – $103,000
  • Fee of royalty – $100 per month for technology fee, 8% of gross revenue.
  • Fee of advertising – 1% of gross revenues.

Description : iKids U is a one-time, post-school store that meets the needs of schools, parents and students with a highly organized approach that provides a single point of contact for a variety of activities. This franchise program allows you to enter iKids U into your community.
iKids U offers after-school care, enrichment classes, one service and optional camps! This model is well planned, thoroughly proven and highly recommended and is a lever for your iKids U franchise owner.  ikids you might be one idea for you if you are considering starting a Polish Company.

franchise ideas in Poland


Information about finances :

  • Cash investment – $100,000
  • Net worth – $350,000
  • Whole investment – $275,000 – $550,000

Description : Perfect cup of coffee is quite important part of the day for many people these days. It wakes you up and get along with your day. So this franchise opportunity offers you to build a lifestyle around your perfect day.hat perfect cup of coffee, made just right and just in time, is now the perfect franchise, designed with you in mind.

They currently offer several models where from you can choose any. Ziggi’s Coffee offers a coffeehouse model, a coffeehouse with a drive-thru and a double-sided drive-thru. Ziggi’s Coffee is mainly focused on the development of its double-sided drive-thru model these days. Consider this if you are considering starting business in Poland and not sure what you want to do.

business opportunities in Poland

Option 3: Checkers & Rally's

Information about finances :

  • Cash investment – $250,000
  • Net worth – $750,000
  • Franchise fee – $30,000
  • Whole investment – $203,600 – $945,000

Description : Checkers & Rally’s multicellular franchise will achieve financial and growth goals faster with them. They withdrew from the initial investment, a strong return on investment, the construction of a modular building, and the stimulation of competition franchise growth. This might be another idea for you, If you are looking for to start a company in EU.

For more than 30 years, they have been focusing on bold and fragrant food, with amazing value to our guests, and a price engineer on the menu that will benefit their franchise family.

business opportunities in Poland

Option 4: RetroFitness

Information about finances :

  • Cash investment – $500,000
  • Net worth – $2,000,000
  • Franchise fee – $69,000
  • Whole investment – $939,250 – $1,600,500

Description : As a result of many publications, Retro Fitness has consistently been recognized as one of the best franchises in the nation. This is the first reason they talked about franchise opportunities in Entrepreneurship Magazine, Forbes, Rolling Stone and the Wall Street Journal, and MTV, CNN, Fox News and the hit CBS reality series Undercover Boss. 

Retro Fitness provides first-time business owners and experienced franchise operators a difficult path in the U.S. as part of the drilling health and wellness industry in the US, thanks to Retro Fitness’s innovation, strong operations support and approved gym model, it has grown to more than 150 gym locations15 In the state and has more than 400,000 members. This was 4rd Idea on what Business to start in Poland.

franchise opportunities in Poland

Option 5: Bruster's Real Ice Cream

Information about finances :

  • Cash investment – $100,000
  • Net worth – $250,000
  • Whole investment – $230,000 – $1,300,000

Description : Since 1989, Bruster’s has established a reputation for ice cream and special services. The difference between Bruster’s starts with its own home-style mix, which is supplied from the dairy milk to a new store, where ice cream, yogurt, violet and sorbets small handicraft groups are made daily on the spot and served with a smile! With one taste and you will understand why they are a scoop above the rest! Think about this option if you are not sure what business to open in Poland.

franchise ideas in poland

Option 6: Dunkin'

Information about finances:

  • Cash investment – $250,000
  • Net worth – $500,000

Description : Dunkin ’is the number one hot and ice coffee retailer by the Cup and the world’s largest network of coffee and baked goods. With almost 10,500 locations in 31 countries, if you share their passion, meet the qualification criteria, and have the opportunity to provide high-level customer service to your company’s values ​​in your community, it’s time you join one of the world’s fastest growing QSR companies.

franchise opportunities in poland

Option 7: Perspire Sauna Studio

Information about finances :

  • Net worth – $500,000
  • Franchise fee – $35,000
  • Whole investment – $240,300 – $399,800

Description: Perspire Sauna Studio spent 8 years developing an infrared sauna studio model before it opened in the franchise market in 2018. Perspire has discovered the simplicity of sauna services and creates an additional low overhead, a lucrative franchise system in the industrial welfare industry. This might be one more good idea on what business to start in Poland.

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Option 8: Sweet Paris Crêperie & Café

Information about finances :

  • Cash investment – $300,000
  • Net worth – $800,000
  • Franchise fee – $40,000
  • Whole investment – $750,000 – $952,200
  • Royalty fee – 5%
  • Advertising fee – 2-3%

Description: Sweet Paris Crêperie & Café is disrupting the fast-casual food industry one crêpe at a time. Since its debut in 2012, Sweet Paris has developed a devoted following with its singular blend of fun, chic, and très magnifique cuisine and atmosphere.

franchise ideas in poland

Option 9: PuroClean

Information about finances :

  • Cash investment – $75,000
  • Net worth – $200,000
  • Franchise fee – $50,000
  • Whole investment – $71,805 – $191,655

Description : Known as the “Property Damage Paradigm,” PuroClean provides commercial and residential users with access to water damage removal, flood water removal, fire and smoke damage removal, mold removal, and bioharith cleaning. This might be a really good starting point for your Business in Poland.

business opportunities in poland

Option 10: The Joint Corp.

Information about finances :

  • Cash investment – $100,000
  • Net worth – $350,000
  • Franchise fee – $39,900
  • Whole investment – $141,900 – $337,200

Description:Joint Chiropractic provides chiropractic care. Their vision is to grow the world’s largest, most respected provider of chiropractic services globally. 

business opportunities in Poland

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