Immigration Details in EU after Opening a Company in Poland
immigration services in poland

Immigration Details in EU after Opening a Company in Poland

We do assist people with opening their Polish Companies and do provide after company formation assistance in Poland. As most of our clients do have questions related to Immigration Procedure we wanted to crate for you a blog with bunch of useful Information. This blog should help you to get an idea how to settle down in Poland after opening a Polish company. 

Immigration to Poland

immigration to poland

Let’s start discussion with immigration services in Poland. Immigration services in Poland are organized with the most convenient way since Polish immigration law became quite well-defined. The authority, which is responsible to the immigration issues is  The Migration Policy Department at the Ministry of Interior, Hereby I will remind you that above mentioned authority provides information on residence permits on the basis of the investment. The Polish law is peculiarly complex, therefore, lawyer advice is recommended. 

A residence permit in Poland can be obtained in several ways. One of the variants to get a residence permit is to open a company in Poland, which is useful if you want to start a business in Poland or any of the European Union countries. other is to obtain a temporary residence permit in Poland, which means to be employed or to  enroll as a student. I think each of the options is individually suitable for different kind of people, thus, contact us to look for a suitable solution for you.

In order to make your immigration procedure lawful you have to follow all the requirements in accordance with immigration law (see below) of the Republic of Poland. There are several possibilities, Which depends on your visit purpose. You will need a visa or Schengen visa in order to visit the country. If you obtain a residence permit via options listed above, you may travel to any Schengen country without an additional visa. If you are gonna relocate in Poland for a long period of time – you need a residence permit, which can be obtained on the following purposes: setting up a company in Poland, getting an education or getting a job.

Migration within Schengen area

expat services in Poland

You may know, but I will still say that Poland is a member of the Schengen area. The Schengen countries have abolished passport and immigration control for their common borders and travel between member states. Member States also recognize Schengen visas issued in other Schengen countries. Normal immigration control procedures are used at the external border, or as soon as you enter the Schengen area, although admission to any Schengen country is considered acceptable throughout the Schengen region (all Member States) where immigration checks are no longer required.

Third-country nationals who have a long-term visa can stay in the Republic of Poland for more than 90 days. Due to strict immigration policies, it can sometimes be difficult to obtain a Schengen visa directly from Poland. A list of documents and grounds for applying for a visa can be found on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. One option for a non-EU citizen to apply for a residence permit is to start a business in Poland. 

What types of Visas can you obtain?

here are several types of visas you can obtain in Poland, but if you wander moreover about visa procedure, move on another article by clicking here.

A visa for travel is issued by plane to a third country, where the connecting flight involves arriving at the airport in the territory of Poland. prerequisite is that airplane ticket is required

A Type C visa allows the owner to enter a Member State’s territory to visit a tourist, family or friends, to participate in business, sports or cultural events, etc., for no more than 90 days. documents on sufficient funds and proof of accommodation , health insurance of travel are required.

Type D visa allows the holder to stay in Poland for more than 90 days, for other purposes, for business, cultural, scientific, educational and employment purposes. documents on sufficient funds, police clearance certificate, documents proving the purpose of stay, Travel health insurance and proof of accommodation are required.

The transit visa type C-TR is issued when transit is the sole purpose of entry into the Schengen Member States (when crossing the Polish territory is a stationary and convenient route from a non-member state to another non-member state). prerequisite which is required is airplane ticket.

What type of Residence permit?

Nowadays, you can obtain residence permit in Poland by the following ways: 

  • setting up a company in Poland
  • get education 
  • get a highly-qualified job

with an appeal of Ministry of Interior, company formation is one of the best solutions to acquire a residence permit. You can also get introduced to business opportunities in Poland.

Immigration documents in Poland

Here are three main documents, they are:

  • visa
  • passport
  • residence permit

The most popular cities by their population

expat services in poland

The most popular city by population is Warsaw, the Republic of Poland. The following larger cities by presidents  are Krakow and Lodz. The population of Warsaw during the last century has increased 2.5 times, while the population of Krakow has increased 5 times during the same time. Krakow has a rich heritage and is the second most popular city among tourists and immigrants. I am gonna mention 5 biggest cities of Poland by their population, of course:

  1. Warsaw –  1 769 529
  2. Krakow – 769 564
  3. Lodz – 687 702
  4. Wroclaw – 639 383
  5. Poznan – 537 643

you will find the following embassies in Poland:

  • Embassy of the Republic of Argentina
  • Embassy of the Commonwealth of Australia
  • Embassy of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  • Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil
  • Embassy of the Canada
  • Embassy of the People’s Republic of China
  • Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt
  • Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Embassy of Japan
  • Embassy of Malaysia
  • Embassy of the United Mexican States
  • Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  • Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines
  • Embassy of the Russian Federation
  • Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain
  • Embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand
  • Embassy of the Republic of Turkey
  • Embassy of Ukraine
  • Embassy of the United Arab Emirates
  • Embassy of the United States of America

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