Business Opportunities you should consider before Setting up a Company In Poland
setting up a business in Poland

Business Opportunities you should consider before Setting up a Company In Poland

Hello our page regarded reader, according to the many requests by you, In this blog we’ve decided to introduce the most interesting topic, where we talk about business opportunities in Poland. While we move on, Lets briefly overview country’s economy. Poland is considered to have one of the fastest increasing economy among central european nations. the annual rate of economic growth compounds 6.0 %. The privatization of small and middle-sized companies and a liberal law on establishing new companies has encouraged the development of the private business sector, which has been the main source for Poland’s economic growth. Tightening monetary policy is one of the priors for Polish governments to impact on inflation. Poland has made a tremendous overall economic progress over the last decade and now is being ranked 21st worldwide in terms of the GDP. Polish law is rather favorable to foreign entrepreneurs . The government offers investors various state aid e.g. CIT tax at the level of 19% and investment incentives in 14 Special Economic Zones . Therefore, Poland has become most desired destination within EU in terms of Setting  Up an LLC.

Set up Franchise Business in Poland

business opportunities in poland

I won’t be explaining what is franchise and about its advantages rather than listing the most popular franchise opportunities and ideas today in Poland. After that, you can decide what franchise ideas meets your requirement and in case you can’t alone we can assist you in making the franchise decision, of course.

Tough Mudder Bootcamp

Quaker Steak & Lube

Wayback Burgers

business opportunities in poland
business opportunities in Poland
business opportunities in Poland

Tough Mudder Bootcamp is a kind of boutique fitness studio which offers a revolutionary with 45 minutes, high-intensity interval training workout which concentrates on all body functional movements to make it  increase strength and aerobic endurance. Finally, make you stronger for everyday life.  Below you can find how much will It cost you to setup this business in Poland.

Franchise Fee – $24 000-$40 000

As one of the most brand differentiated restaurants in casual family dining, Quaker Steak & Lube, has been a successful concept for over 40 years. It has one of the kindest experience on the dining market. Setting up Company will cost you:

Franchise fee – $40 000

With 500+ restaurants in development worldwide, Wayback Burgers is America’s favorite hometown burger joint and one of the world’s fastest-growing burger franchises.

Franchise fee – $35 000

Eggs Up Grill

Scooter's Coffee

franchise ideas in poland
business opportunities in poland

Eggs Up Grill is home to the whole neighborhood, serving smiles from sunup through lunch. They are seeking multi-unit and single unit franchisees to grow their brand across the Southeast.

Franchise fee – $39 000

With a long-term plan for growth and continued excellence, the company vision for Scooter’s Coffee is to remain a leader in the specialty coffee industry, and in their communities, through their relationships with employees and franchisees. 

Franchise fee – $40 000

Opportunities for Setting up Polish Business

business opportunities in Poland

The program of military modernization of the Government of Poland has created many opportunities for companies involved in defense and defense products. As a member of NATO, Poland is obliged to spend 1.8% of its GDP on defense. In 2014, Poland increased its promise to 2% of GDP. There are currently more than 80 active foreign military sales in Poland, spending military / defense in Poland, again the biggest prospect for American business in 2015.

Poland is the largest recipient of EU structural and consistent funds, with a budget of almost 144 billion from the 2014-2020 budget. Ongoing plans include the use of funds to support infrastructure development, including improving access to the Internet and developing smart cities, and encouraging companies to research and develop in Poland.

Engineering and planting services firms may find opportunities to expand the Polish premium office and retail sector. Firms with experience in ‘zero emission’ buildings and LEED standards see the greatest opportunities. There are many additional opportunities for firms that offer products that improve energy efficiency. These main prospects were later clarified in this report.

Other important sectors to be considered are Internet security and software for mobile applications, consumer goods and automotive products. All of these sectors continue to thrive and are signs of growth.

Although the U.S. share of the Polish import market is small, about 3%, U.S. exporters have found significant success in competing niches, using effective market entry strategies, and diligently pursuing marketing and sales support. For all above mentioned reasonas, Polan became one of the attractive destinations for setting up EU company. Poland offers easiest way to setup EU company.

Challenges of doing business in Poland

business challenges in poland

I would like to present you several factors impacting on businesses in Poland anyways, they are:

  • First and most common -starting your business.  as may you have read our another article regarding to the company formation in Poland , Limited liability companies are the most widely-spread  form of doing business in Poland  by foreign businessmen. Starting a business can be a long process, and it will likely take over a month to complete different procedures. A company agreement must first be notarized before  you deposit your capital on your bank account , filing at the National Court Register, and setting up VAT payments. However, using our expertise, you can set up your company in one Week. We do offer Remote Services. With our help you can have your EU company remotely, without visiting the country.
  • HR Regulation. 

    The Polish Labor Code states that an employment contract must be prepared in writing and must contain information on the type of contract, date of employment, terms and conditions of employment, type of work, place of work, time of work and date of commencement. Employers are also given the right to negotiate collective agreements.

    Usually, discontinued employees are entitled to a tax refund. The amount varies from one month’s salary to three months ’salary, depending on how long the employee has worked for the employer. This applies to companies that employ at least 20 people.

  • Permit for work. According to the Law on Employment and Labor Market Institutions, an employer can hire foreign workers after obtaining a permit from voivode (local governor). Citizens of EU countries or EEA citizens have the right to work in Poland without a work permit, but those living abroad need a work permit as well as a corresponding visa.
  • Getting a credit. Poland is brilliant in terms of providing credit access to business. However, it should be noted that there is no public registry office, which can lead to some difficulties and delays.
  • Protecting investors.Poland’s modern court system helps investments well, although the country has poor scores across the Director’s Responsibility Index.
  • Trading across borders. Exports take 17 days, while imports to Poland take 16 days, which is significantly higher than the OECD average. This is largely due to the time it may take to submit and dispose of the required documents.

Risks of investing in Poland

business opportunities in poland

Poland’s economy is widely depended on Germany, which accounts for about 26% of its exports and 27% of its imports. Any drop in the German economy could have a negative impact on the Polish economy. Polish policy has been slightly destabilized since the Justice and Justice Party came to power in 2015. After controlling the Constitutional Court and the Public Broadcaster, the party has a lot to worry about in the European Union. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has named Poland as a burden on low-government regulations to establish legal frameworks with complex regulations, and will take time to start a business to stimulate business. We aim to help you think  wisely about all the challenges and opportunities before you move on for setting up business in Poland.

How Poland government encourages foreign investment? Easiest Country to start EU Business

investment opportunities in poland

The Polish government is offering an interesting incentive for investors to invest in the type. The Polish government is an attractive incentive for investors to invest in the unemployment sector. Currently, the rate of aid that the Polish government gives to investors investing in areas where unemployment is high is 50%. The Polish government of small and medium-sized businesses provides 65% of the aid. The Polish government also offers incentives for investors in its R&D sector, and these incentives can even go as far as a 100% subsidy.

The Polish government understands the importance of foreign investment and its further development, and thus the Polish government has set up an agency known as PAIZ, or the Foreign Investment Agency, which provides foreign investors with all the information they need to start and thrive. In Poland.

A friendly government of investors, a state of the art infrastructure, sustainable economic growth and a regional leader – all of these characteristics really prove why Poland is one of the most attractive areas for investment in the EU. Its strategic location will definitely work in favor of investors who want to expand their business across Europe. Polish Government makes Poland Easiest Country to start a Business in European Union. Poland is fastest way to start EU Business.

Conclusion - Fastest Way to Set up EU Business is Poland

We maximally tried to give our speech  to you, now it’s your turn. If you have something still left uncertain, do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly assist your requirements and give you right way on the way to starting your business in Poland. We will provide all the relation between you and relevant authorities under the power of attorney. Wishing good lucks! 

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