Requirements After Company Formation In Poland
company formation in poland

Requirements After Company Formation In Poland

As you understand from the title, I’m gonna touch the important topic regarding to the company registration process in Poland. I agree that procedure isn’t complicated and you can register your company simply, but investor should take the most important note after their company formation, as you have some important duties you must fulfill to form your business activities. In our past blog I represented you all the details followed after your company pre- formation period and showed all kind of companies foreigner can open in Poland and find their legal address in Poland. I’ll still outline the company formation procedure in Poland and then move on the main topic. Thus, if you plan to launch your business in Poland reading this article takes you a little time while you get useful information.

Outline of requirements for company Incorporation in Poland

I would like to remind you that in order to register a company in Poland you can find a legal representative who is assigned by the power of attorney to conduct the LLC/LTD formation procedure. Before you start the process of company incorporation, it is obligatory to have the initial capital which is required for any branch of business. 

If the procedures of above mentioned are done, the investors are welcome to incorporate the company at the National Court Register and then register for tax filing can find more about taxation system in Poland from our blogs, of course.

In case a confirmation of a trade registration is received from the relevant department, you have to go to the National Statistics Agency (Glówny Urzad Statystyczny, GUS) to apply for a REGON number. This REGION is used on a number of other forms that will be filed in future, so you will be blocked without it. After the REGON number is issued to your company, then you have to register at the ZUS (social insurance) and apply for a tax number (NIP) at the tax office.

A little bit about taxation – as may you know for companies in Poland VAT registration is only obligatory in case company operates activities in a field that is subject to VAT. For registration for taxes in Poland, the documents required can be the following:

  • company charter or,
  • the articles of association,
  • the statistical number,
  • the REGION certificate,
  • an excerpt from the National Court Register 
  • the bank certificate.

It is also possible you can get a subsidy to set up your business in Poland. In this case, you will have  to address the department of business development (Wydzial Promocji Gospodarczej). The subsidies offered and programs for the benefits to the investors are changing permanently. In case you are looking for llc formation service feel free to contact our formation agents in Poland. Our vast experience working with foreign investors in Poland will help you to incorporate Polish company as quickly and easy as possible.

setting up a company in poland
company formation requirements in poland

Duties after company Formation in Poland

Let’s put an emphasition on the post-incorporate work :

You know that Incorporation is a first step you must take in Poland. But as may you guess, that is not absolutely enough and you have to fulfill the left mandatory steps followed after Incorporation. I can mention that it as a reason why you have to ask your advice experienced workforce such as layers, accountants and so on. Our experienced team offers you our best consult service for all of above-mentioned steps.for more about or services you can check our page description and contact us.

Another important matter is that company should provide the tax office with the supplementary data within 21 days of the day the company was registered (NIP-8 form, signed by members of the Management Board).

In several cases, it might be required to register the company as a VAT taxpayer. VAT taxpayers, at least 7 days before the first VAT transaction, should apply for registration as a VAT taxpayer before they start to deliver goods or provide services on the market. and lastly, If the company is going to hire workforce it’s mandatory to notify the Social Insurance Institute.

company formation in poland

Getting a business license is one of the final steps before the company can legally conduct the business activities as you know it can be done after the registration with the National Court Register. Our team of specialists who cooperates in company formation in Poland can help you during all this stage as different types of business activities will require specialized permits obtained from adequate authorities or institutions in Poland. 

Now lets mention about trading. The Polish Trade Register is diverged  into three parts. The Register of Entrepreneurs in Poland includes details about business subjects which perform any kind of business activities in Poland. There is also the Register of Associations, social and professional organizations and public health service establishments and last but important, the Polish Trade Register part for insolvent debtors in Poland, including natural persons who have been declared insolvent under by law. In Poland, a company under registration is a company which has been established but has not been registered in the National Court Register yet. 
Hereby, say that the Trade Register also influences to inform the public about the legal status, economical situation and other details about entrepreneurs and organizations. 

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